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COVID-19 Annoucements & Updates
Updated: August 7th, 2020    

This page shares the most up to date information about COVID-19 and our company.

Our company is operating on a limited basis during COVID-19.
The most efficient way to contact our support team is through the chat, or emailing support@unitedportraits.com

Will your company still be doing photography sessions in the Fall 2020?
We expect to, yes. They will begin to take place as your school re-opens in person.

Will your photographers/employees wear masks while at schools/photography sessions?
Our company will be following all federal, state, local, CDC, and school district specific guidelines. The safety of our schools, teachers and students are our top priority.

Will you require my child to remove their mask for their individual photo?
We will not require they remove it. However, we believe that it is safe to remove once it is their turn for their photo. After their photo they can put their mask back on. The amount of time the mask will be off is usually less than 60 seconds, and during this time they are not in close proximity to anyone.

How do you plan to limit contact/keep photography areas clean and sanitized?
We will keep all participants separated by at least 6 feet the entire time they are taking their photo. We will not be using props, chairs or any shared posing equipment. All poses will be standing. Your child will have a barcode card given to them by their teacher, which they will scan themselves and then put in a trash can just prior to taking their photo. We expect almost zero contact when photographing. Any posing corrections are usually made verbally.

Will you be taking group/class photos in the Fall 2020?
At this time/date we will not be taking class or group photos. It's highly likely that class/group photos will be re-scheduled in Spring 2021 if distancing guidelines allow.

Will your company still be around due to all the closures?
United Portraits is well capitalized, debt free, and our plan for company survival is strong. We will NOT be going out of business due to these closures.
We expect to resume normal operations for the 2020-2021 school year, when schools re-open.

How will I get my photo order?
We will be working with each school to determine the best way of disbursing marketing materials, proofs, and final orders. We highly encourge you to make an account at www.unitedportraits.com and you'll be notified when your child's photos are available for purchase. You can also have your order directly shipped to your home.

Can I still order older photos and yearbooks?
Yes! Our online ordering portal is functioning normally, and your order will be delivered to your home. There will be a shipping fee to have your order delivered to your home.
Please use this coupon: COVID19 for a discount on shipping for Spring 2020 photo orders. Discounts are not eligible for yearbook orders.

You may still be able to order your yearbook online as well, many schools have extended their ordering deadlines. If you are not able to order your yearbook online, you can contact your school to see if they have any extras available.


If you are a client, school, or other organization, please reach out to your account manager, or email support@unitedportraits.com

We will route your questions to the appropriate department.


Thank You & Stay Safe
- United Portraits